League winners and runners up

Division 1

Year Winner Runner up
2005-06 The Armoury Raven 1
2004-05 The Armoury Smithy Green
2003-04 The Armoury Lancashire Hill
2002-03 The Armory Lancashire Hill
2001-02 HM Customs and Excise 1st Lancashire Hill
2000-01 Lancashire Hill Royal Oak 1st
1999-00 Lancahire Hill Woodside 1st
1998-99 Vymura Reds 1st Lancashire Hill 2nd
1997-98 Bramhall Lane 2nd Bramhall Lane 1st
1996-97 Lancashire Hill 1st Poynton
1995-96 Vymura 1st Lancashire Hill 1st
1994-95 Vymura 1st Novamura 1st
1993-94 Vymura 2nd Vymura 1st
1992-93 Vymura 1st Lancahire Hill 1st
1991-92 Vymura 1st Civil Service SC
1989-90 Vymura 1st Stockport CC 1st
1988-89 Stockport CC 1st Civil Service SC
1987-88 Weston 1st Stockport CC
1986-87 Civil Service SC 1st Weston Hyde RC 1st
1985-86 Civil Service SC 1st Weston Hyde RC 1st
1984-85 Civil Service SC 1st Handforth Hall
1983-84 Weston Hyde RC 1st Stockport CC 1st
1982-83 ICI (Gatley) Stockport CC 1st
1981-82 ICI (Gatley) Hyde YMCA
1980-81 ICI (Gatley) Hyde YMCA
1979-80 ICI (Gatley) Hyde YMCA
1978-89 ICI (Gatley) Hyde YMCA
1977-78 ICI (Gatley) Hyde YMCA
1976-77 ICI (Gatley) Hyde YMCA
1975-76 Gatley YMCA Offerton
1974-75 Gatley YMCA Hyde CC