Fixtures and Results

Div.DateHome TeamHAAway Team
119/09/2005HM Customs and Excise010The Armoury
119/09/2005Heaton Mersey 1st91George Lane
119/09/2005Raven 1st100Raven 2nd
126/09/2005Raven 2nd28Heaton Mersey 1st
126/09/2005George Lane19HM Customs and Excise
126/09/2005The Armoury64Lancashire Hill
103/10/2005HM Customs and Excise55Raven 2nd
103/10/2005Raven 1st82Lancashire Hill
103/10/2005The Armoury100George Lane
110/10/2005Raven 1st64The Armoury
110/10/2005Lancashire Hill73Heaton Mersey 1st
110/10/2005Raven 2nd100George Lane
117/10/2005HM Customs and Excise28Lancashire Hill
117/10/2005Heaton Mersey 1st28Raven 1st
117/10/2005The Armoury100Raven 2nd
124/10/2005Heaton Mersey 1st28The Armoury
124/10/2005Raven 1st64HM Customs and Excise
124/10/2005Lancashire Hill100George Lane
131/10/2005HM Customs and Excise55Heaton Mersey 1st
131/10/2005Raven 2nd19Lancashire Hill
131/10/2005George Lane010Raven 1st
107/11/2005Raven 2nd010Raven 1st
107/11/2005George Lane37Heaton Mersey 1st
107/11/2005The Armoury100HM Customs and Excise
114/11/2005HM Customs and Excise73George Lane
114/11/2005Heaton Mersey 1st00Raven 2nd
114/11/2005Lancashire Hill28The Armoury
121/11/2005Lancashire Hill28Raven 1st
121/11/2005Raven 2nd55HM Customs and Excise
121/11/2005George Lane010The Armoury
128/11/2005Heaton Mersey 1st55Lancashire Hill
128/11/2005George Lane010Raven 2nd
128/11/2005The Armoury64Raven 1st
105/12/2005Raven 1st82Heaton Mersey 1st
105/12/2005Lancashire Hill73HM Customs and Excise
105/12/2005Raven 2nd010The Armoury
112/12/2005HM Customs and Excise010Raven 1st
112/12/2005George Lane37Lancashire Hill
112/12/2005The Armoury91Heaton Mersey 1st
119/12/2005Heaton Mersey 1st55HM Customs and Excise
119/12/2005Raven 1st100George Lane
119/12/2005Lancashire Hill73Raven 2nd
219/09/2005Raven 3rd100Raven 6th
219/09/2005Raven 4th19Heaton Mersey 2nd
219/09/2005Raven 5th37Heaton Mersey 3rd
226/09/2005Heaton Mersey 3rd55Raven 4th
226/09/2005Heaton Mersey 2nd00Raven 3rd
226/09/2005Woodside 1st64Raven 5th
203/10/2005Raven 3rd91Heaton Mersey 3rd
203/10/2005Raven 4th82Raven 5th
203/10/2005Woodside 1st91Raven 6th
210/10/2005Raven 4th64Woodside 1st
210/10/2005Raven 5th010Raven 3rd
210/10/2005Heaton Mersey 2nd82Raven 6th
217/10/2005Raven 3rd64Raven 4th
217/10/2005Raven 6th55Heaton Mersey 3rd
217/10/2005Woodside 1st46Heaton Mersey 2nd
224/10/2005Raven 3rd46Woodside 1st
224/10/2005Raven 5th64Raven 6th
224/10/2005Heaton Mersey 3rd010Heaton Mersey 2nd
231/10/2005Heaton Mersey 2nd100Raven 5th
231/10/2005Raven 6th37Raven 4th
231/10/2005Woodside 1st91Heaton Mersey 3rd
207/11/2005Heaton Mersey 3rd73Raven 5th
207/11/2005Heaton Mersey 2nd100Raven 4th
207/11/2005Raven 6th37Raven 3rd
214/11/2005Raven 3rd19Heaton Mersey 2nd
214/11/2005Raven 4th73Heaton Mersey 3rd
214/11/2005Raven 5th28Woodside 1st
221/11/2005Raven 5th010Raven 4th
221/11/2005Heaton Mersey 3rd46Raven 3rd
221/11/2005Raven 6th55Woodside 1st
228/11/2005Raven 3rd64Raven 5th
228/11/2005Raven 6th28Heaton Mersey 2nd
228/11/2005Woodside 1st00Raven 4th
205/12/2005Raven 4th00Raven 3rd
205/12/2005Heaton Mersey 3rd00Raven 6th
205/12/2005Heaton Mersey 2nd100Woodside 1st
212/12/2005Heaton Mersey 2nd100Heaton Mersey 3rd
212/12/2005Raven 6th46Raven 5th
212/12/2005Woodside 1st46Raven 3rd
219/12/2005Raven 4th91Raven 6th
219/12/2005Raven 5th010Heaton Mersey 2nd
219/12/2005Heaton Mersey 3rd00Woodside 1st
109/01/2006HM Customs and Excise19The Armoury
109/01/2006Heaton Mersey 1st91George Lane
109/01/2006Raven 1st100Raven 2nd
116/01/2006George Lane28HM Customs and Excise
116/01/2006Raven 2nd28Heaton Mersey 1st
116/01/2006The Armoury82Lancashire Hill
123/01/2006HM Customs and Excise00Raven 2nd
123/01/2006Raven 1st82Lancashire Hill
123/01/2006The Armoury100George Lane
130/01/2006Lancashire Hill64Heaton Mersey 1st
130/01/2006Raven 1st73The Armoury
130/01/2006Raven 2nd100George Lane
106/02/2006HM Customs and Excise37Lancashire Hill
106/02/2006Heaton Mersey 1st28Raven 1st
106/02/2006The Armoury91Raven 2nd
113/02/2006Raven 1st64HM Customs and Excise
113/02/2006Heaton Mersey 1st28The Armoury
113/02/2006Lancashire Hill73George Lane
120/02/2006HM Customs and Excise46Heaton Mersey 1st
120/02/2006George Lane010Raven 1st
120/02/2006Raven 2nd37Lancashire Hill
209/01/2006Raven 3rd100Raven 6th
209/01/2006Raven 4th37Heaton Mersey 2nd
209/01/2006Raven 5th46Heaton Mersey 3rd
216/01/2006Heaton Mersey 2nd91Raven 3rd
216/01/2006Heaton Mersey 3rd00Raven 4th
216/01/2006Woodside 1st91Raven 5th
223/01/2006Raven 3rd82Heaton Mersey 3rd
223/01/2006Raven 4th91Raven 5th
223/01/2006Woodside 1st73Raven 6th
230/01/2006Raven 5th37Raven 3rd
230/01/2006Raven 4th37Woodside 1st
230/01/2006Heaton Mersey 2nd91Raven 6th
206/02/2006Raven 3rd73Raven 4th
206/02/2006Raven 6th010Heaton Mersey 3rd
206/02/2006Woodside 1st010Heaton Mersey 2nd
213/02/2006Raven 3rd73Woodside 1st
213/02/2006Raven 5th64Raven 6th
213/02/2006Heaton Mersey 3rd010Heaton Mersey 2nd
220/02/2006Raven 6th19Raven 4th
220/02/2006Heaton Mersey 2nd100Raven 5th
220/02/2006Woodside 1st82Heaton Mersey 3rd